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Cobra Heart will be exhibiting a series of custom art installation throughout the FSTVL series. As an entity that has been adapting itself to the music and arts community for the last 2 years by lending its environment to the visually, and sonically creative. It has been a platform for many up and coming artists and also has hosted big name artists for the ever growing San Diego scene.



Acton Standard is a color blind artist, who uses primary colors to create an organized, clean and geometric balance to his compositions.


A former resident of El Paso, TX and now a resident of San Diego bridges the gap between multimedia and Street art culture. With roots  in illustration, an abstract visual prowess, and a new school mentality, Moistrix has been able to conjur up a unique style that he can call his own.



Born in San Francisco and growing up in a culture of skateboarding and graffiti, Curtis David learned his craft on the streets of San Diego. Having a love for street art and cartoons, it seems to comes natural to draw crazy whacked out characters that all appear to have something to say.
“If I didn’t draw them, they would be stuck in my head.”
-Curtis David

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